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About Us

Life long gamers

Some of us caught the bug early, playing games since we were in the single digits. Some of us took a little longer, but are just as hooked. Either way, we have a huge fondness for all things gaming, and we want to share that with the world. We are always looking for new games, and experiences, so if you hear about anything cool let us know!

Lovers of Art

Many of our staff members went to art school, and worked in creative careers before coming to LvlBox. Not to mention, the people they choose to surround themselves with tend to be artists and other creatives. We love art here, and really try to surround ourselves with it, and one of our favorite art forms is games.

Enamored by the Game Development Process

We are blown away seeing all the steps it takes to make a game. Concept art gets us all gitty, whether or not it makes it into the game. There is just something about seeing how the sausage is made, and we want you to share in the excitement!

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LvlBox is a monthly indie game subscription box with a deep focus on helping indie developers succeed. Gaming is deeply woven into our very nature, not just as a business but as people. Hopefully with us you’ll enjoy some excellent games and even get a look into the making of a video game!