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LvlBox is a monthly subscription bringing you, not only Indie Games but, their stories. You’ll get concept art, stories from the development cycle, and even a closed AMA with the developer at the end of each month. Our goal is to make every game a special edition.

Your subscription includes a currated box every month including a shiny new indie game, concept art, notes from the developer and access to a closed AMA

You’ll recieve access to an exclusive forum and discord channel for subscribers to talk about games, and even party up!

We believe every game deseres to be a special edition. We work with developers to pack in a bunch of extra goodies along with their awesome game

We work to help developers get the most out of their launch, including extra press materials, commissioned art and a pre-existing audience!

With the LvlBox Subscription you’ll be able to pull back the curtain and see all the magic that goes into producing a game

Each game is unique, and with that will come unique items, you may see things like recipes, or maps, or unique dlc! Only time will tell!

A Subscription For Good

LvlBox is dedicated to finding the best indie games each month for your subscription. But, beyond just the subscription, we dedicate a portion of all our proceeds to helping fund the development (Kickstarters, GoFundMes, etc) of other indie games! We have a deep passion for gaming, and truely believe that Indie games are where the best innovations in gaming come from!

Lvl Box - A subscription for good

Help Indie Devs Reach the Next Level

We work extra hard to make sure each month’s box is great, we want to make sure that you not only love the box but maybe even learn a thing or two on how the game was made. But more importantly, we spend a lot of time gathering resources, like developers, designers, artists, and even actors, so if a developer ever needs an extra hand we know where to send them!

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Lvl Box - Helping indie devs reach the next level

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LvlBox is a monthly indie game subscription box with a deep focus on helping indie developers succeed. Gaming is deeply woven into our very nature, not just as a business but as people. Hopefully with us you’ll enjoy some excellent games and even get a look into the making of a video game!